Book Cover for ‘The Common Case of Damian Vongcir’.

Developed & Created the book cover design of ‘The Common Case of Damian Vongcir’ by UK Publishing Writer- Uyi Eguavoen.

The Common Case of Damian Vongcir.
The Common Case of Damian Vongcircommon  2psd (1)

After four years of working at Landmark bank, Damian Vongcir was at the height of his career. He was pleased with his job and his life, believing it was taking the path that was meant for it until a single event changed the picture. A banking relationship he had introduced had been used to defraud the government. The bank moved to protect its own reputation and he was to take the fall. All of his past glory and good deeds no longer mattered. He was the villain. While he waited for his fate, his marriage which had been overshadowed by his timeless devotion to his work was nearing the precipice. At that point he began to harbour doubts about the career path he has chosen. By a stroke of fortune his luck turned. He struck a big deal that sent shock waves through the bank. It was like bringing home the Holy Grail and suddenly he was loved again. In the revelry of his accomplishment he fell into a brief moment of reflection from which he found the truth that freed him from all his fears. He must then make an inevitable decision- between work and family, fear and happiness.


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