The Shadow-man Diaries I


I just feel like all these creatures I’ve been using in stories have ganged up against me…This morning, while on a bike and singing along to a velvety Bobby Rave’s song playing in my earphones, a FLY flew into my mouth FIAAAM! I coughed and coughed to spit it out, but it had already gone past my larynx. I became terrified, wondering what kinda kamikaze mission such vermin had in mind for me.

More frightening was the fact that I Raided a secret agent cockroach back to stone age earlier this morning. I don’t know what to do now, should I call my man Putin to send in his Sputnik to Insectopia in revenge or should I call my informant dragonfly, Jibbies to find out why his folks from Insectopia are trynna dissipate me? Cuz my pectoral muscles are now hurting and my chest seems to be itchy. Oh Goodness, what did I do?

To be continued…


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