The Shadow-man Diaries II (scroll down for Part 1)


R.I.P. (Rest In Pieces, Mazumba)

And so I met Jibbies, my dragonfly informant, against my earlier impulse and advice from friends and family to call Putin.

We got talking and I was affrighted with the treacherous plan folks at Insectopia were plotting against planet earth. He told me of them sending out spy agents across the world to infiltrate and destroy all factories insecticides are being made.

After that, the locusts would then swarm on fields and consume every crop necessary for human survival. Their operation was tagged ‘Humans Race Against Time’. Because according to him, when the full, random but related incidents starts to happen and the consequences becomes dire, humans would eventually fight to save food and any scarce edible item available. Even bread crumbs!

The roaches have already through their DNA sequencing encoded their nuke resistant cells into other insects. (In case you didn’t know, cockroaches would inherit the world upon a nuclear apocalypse because they are able to withstand extreme radiation exposure due to the fact that they have slower cell cycles, only molting about once a week. This allows them to escape the radiation fallout relatively unharmed because minimal cells are damaged as they are not dividing and replicating rapidly, like human cells do).

Amongst many scary things Jibbies told me the insects were planning against humans, of which a nuclear war between countries was the crowning, I asked WHY? Jibbies shrugged sadly and said “They are angry humans have destroyed their habitat in many ways and having been pushed to the edge of extinction, humans still fumigate and flit their homes and environments.

Then I said, “It’s because them insects spread diseases to us and he replied, “Has any insect ever been convicted or at least indicted for spreading diseases to man like man does to man?” My heart sunk as I remembered Patrick Sawyer.

On that note, he left but warned me to be vigilant as they would come relentlessly at us and only one weapon was effective against them. I tried asking him what weapon was that, but he was long gone.

Well, I later figured it out on my own and surprisingly I’ve always had it. The question now I am asking you my amiable reader is, “If Cockroaches Would Survive A Nuclear Holocaust, What The Hell Is In A Can Of RAID?”

Meanwhile, that is Mozumba, a highly trained assassin that tried sniping me earlier today. Quite a relief, I killed him after much gun-fu between us.


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