(Awesome Read. In the heat of the Ebola epidemic of 2014, this critical analysis was penned. Some said it spread fear, some said it was enlightening. You decide!)


Last year, 2013, having been an avid fan of horror movies and spy-thrillers for several years with a rather keen interest and knowledge in the decimation means of bio and chemical weapons from sarin, mustard gas, smallpox, anthrax, tularemia, brucellosis, Q-fever, ricin, staphylococcal enterotoxin B, botulinum toxin, and saxitoxin etc. I asked a very close friend- David Obasi, a doctor in Federal Medical Centre Owerri, what we would do if ever there was an uncontrolled nosocomial infection of any deadly strain of bacteria or virus, how do we protect ourselves and what would be the remedy? (Nosocomial infections are diseases gotten in a hospital environment with great risks to health-workers)


He laughed out loud and said the movies and books we’ve both watched and read are making me amusingly delusional. I pressed further and he said, “Well if that happens and nothing could be done, we should prepare ourselves for the dawn on the Zombie Apocalypse.”


Fast-forward to 2014 and we are faced in the West African sub-region of a deadly disease with a 90% fatality rate. Killing its own experts in it, as the case of the Sierra-Leonean doctor- Sheik Umar Khan and the American doctor- Dr Kent Brantly.


Imagine if the people Patrick Sawyer met and had contact with while onboard his flight to Lagos and after, which is put at roughly 59 all became infected and started spreading the virus world-over with no known cure or vaccine in sight, doctors for fear of getting infected stops treating people and guess what, due to no education about it, people keep contracting and dying from it…there’s also a chance of a higher, faster killing strain developing from mutation. Turning people to Walking Dead(s) in a few minutes….Gbam!

That could be the much talked about Zombie Apocalypse…What would the rest of the un-infected world do in such case?


The use of nuclear warheads to destroy parts of the Red Zones would be quickly agreed by the UN and what happens next? As gory and grim as it may seem, this is a possibility that could happen in this fast-paced world with the disease being spread by bodily fluids, the case of shooting to kill infected people as it happens in the movies would not be an option for fear of spreading by splatter of blood or other bodily fluids. All these traders having a field day selling hand sanitizers, as it outsold in Shoprite Ikeja and other markets where and who would spend your money with you?


May GOD please help us, I am concerned to my bones about this Ebola fever thing…I pray this is not the beginning of the Final End.


–Ron Stan.


Updated: Dr David Obasi now works with the WHO in Sierra Leone.


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