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Amidst the everyday tasks society expects women to perform, deep inside every woman lies a series of questions pertaining to how they could follow through on innate personal goals they have that even sometimes, they can’t express.

Women More is an event and series of continued after-event conversations between women for the upliftment of one another to do what they’ve always wanted to do.

78 Designs was hired to create promotional posters and copy for the event coming up on June 21st, 2018.

Below is the created copy that was posted with the main poster of the event. The message contained was so powerful and relatable with plenty of women who came across the ad and they connected to it with nearly 300 of them calling, texting and commenting on their interest in the event.




Funke is the regular Nigerian woman who is constantly stressed with societal demands of getting a job or starting a business to getting married, raising children, catering to husband’s needs and sometimes playing both roles of mum and dad.

In all these, her energies are sapped. Drained like a sponge! At times she wonders, “Does the society know how difficult it is to be a woman today?”

“Does the society realize that despite all we are expected to be, we also have deep feelings of pursuing personal, impactful goals capable of making the world a better place for all women, regardless their circumstances?”

Thoughts of these troubled her and she never really got around it. But, deep inside her, lurks a burning desire.

In cities, towns and villages, there’s a Funke in every Nigerian Woman yearning to make her input in the world.

Before now, women had no place to search for the realization of those personal goals they have. Two years ago, a conversation was initiated to bring us together and empower each other as women. That movement was called Women More!

This year the conversation with its empathic theme “Building Your Health, Wealth & Overall Well-being As A Woman” takes us to Abuja on June 21st, 2018 at Hatlab Place, Plot 1952, Sokolade Crescent, Zone 5, Wuse.

Women More calls for interested ladies to register and join in a fulfilling experience of a lifetime in this year’s conference with wholesome accompanying benefits such as expanded networks, access to funding, free mentorship and travel opportunities, shopping discounts, free health awareness lectures, free meals and home management advisory services and most of all, exclusively branded WomenMore products.

Call or Whatsapp 0806-2533-644 now to register for available slots.