A Glimpse Into The Grim


It’s 12.37 AM, 7th November 2016 and once again I am frightfully awoken by a series of constant nightmares I’ve had and I feel I am being communicated to, to put out what I’ve seen lately. ‘Cause it weighs me down each time I awake.


I don’t know what it is or why I keep seeing these visions. In the past 9 days, I have seen it in my dreams, in what seems like trances and even once my thoughts wander away I get sucked in them. I am terrified as I write this, for even if I may not be there when it happens, let my visions be recorded in the sands of time and not lost through events unfolding.


My heart’s been pumping faster and I am almost in tears for it’s really, really going to get terrible and hellish in Nigeria.


Now, listen. The future governments of Nigeria are going to get REPRESSIVE, OPPRESSIVE and wantonly CORRUPT than never before seen. If you feel Nigeria has had its largest share of reckless abandonment and consequences of corruption as seen in the monumental poverty and under-development across the country, then you are wrong!


The population of Nigeria explodes, the government gets richer but does nothing for the people. The decaying infrastructure dies completely and lawlessness ensues between citizens. Highbrow areas of today turn to plethora shanties and filth, putridness and diseases reign supreme. The Naira becomes non-existent and replaced with something else I don’t know of.


The government exploits the poverty and crafts a clever way to maintain its clawing grip on the people by making everyone an informant on one another. Fear sweeps through the land and even families and best friends feel unsafe saying or expressing displeasure at the maladministration for you’ll never know who would rat you out and you’ll disappear without a trace.


The secret police get ruthless than ever, extra-judicial killings becomes normal and brazenly done. Interestingly, the same hideous government invests in satellite and drone technology to surveil all forms of communication between people. Even in pitch darkness, you’ll see the distant shiny lights in the sky which are not stars but satellites. 24/7, you hear the humming sounds of drones flying pass your roofs and heads. All monitoring real-time activities just to spot and immediately alert the secret police to root out public dissent. In the same darkness, shadows of people close to you are seen lurking around, in order to know what you are saying or doing.


Talks are limited to the banal things of life and mind-numbing propaganda is spread so much the people became mindless sheep.


A certain discovery capable of radicalizing the people is made by a close friend of mine at River Niger but in less than a day, he is seen at the bottom of a gorge, flesh and bones splattered across the rocks as vultures scavenge. The police say he was emotionally unstable and committed suicide by jumping off a cliff and later eaten by wild animals. People in their minds attribute it to the pains but won’t dare speak out and thus forget about him.


I knew it was a cover-up and the River Niger areas become militarized shortly with a shoot at sight order on trespassers. I try to warn the people but I have no one to trust and the only person I told a bit refused to listen and wrote me off as a Conspiracy Theorist. The government gets wind of me and constantly surveils me. Even when I attempt taking my friend for a boat ride so I can tell him with the waves distorting radio signals being used to listen in, I see the secret police in plain clothes following me on their boats and on mine.


I take the same friend to the worst of the shanties I believe would be partially excluded from the government yet the supposedly madmen with dirty dreads and rags roaming before were peeping and eavesdropping from the window. In order to check who was there due to silhouettes seen, I poured a glass of palm wine I bought earlier at the window and immediately I was spewed back. Just so I could know, I am being watched.


I got frustrated and tried all forms of non-verbal communication to tell my friend that our late mutual friend was on to something but either he was simply impatient to listen to me or he was freaked out by the constant eyes of informants and harassment from the secret police.


The only reason I am still alive is that the government knows pockets of people may reckon in what I’m trying to tell them as the truth but don’t believe me yet and if I happen to die or vanish, it would fuel their belief and revolts would spiral out of control.


But alas! They are here already. From a distance, I heard their sirens wail and now the lights are flashing at my gate with my neighbour’s dogs barking fiercely as they are hitting my gate with a battering ram. I am running out of time, as they are climbing up and now banging my door. I’ve got to quickly hit the ‘Post’ button on this for even if I am arrested on some trumped up charges, just know that I tried to…….gdfadfjfggyqudsdfgsfdsrtvsfsaf