Conversation in A Dark Alley (Nominated for the Etisalat Flash Fiction Award November 2016)

Flash Fiction is a style of fictional literature or fiction of extreme briefness. It is a style of literature in which stories are extremely short and often consist of less than 300 words.

Whatever their length, pieces of flash fiction contain all the classic story elements we’d expect – protagonists, conflicts, obstacles or complications, and their resolution. Unlike conventional short stories however, their limited word length means that some of these elements have to remain unwritten and are merely hinted at or implied in the storyline.

“A good piece of flash fiction, for me, is one in which I, as reader, am not just complicit, but necessary. I am needed to add something important – to fill in the spaces left in the weave of words.” – BRIDPORT PRIZE 8TH MARCH 2013

Conversation In A Dark Alley (part 1)

Lara: “Who are you? Why are you following me?”

Stan: “I think you shouldn’t be asking me that?”

Lara: “Why? You don’t know me.”

Stan: “Oh yes I do! And if by any slight chance I am mistaken, I bet on my arrival last night you were a guest at Hotel De La Paix.”

Lara: “What? Never heard of it!”

Stan: “Hmmm! How convenient. Not until I show Mr. Banks details of your true identity as a mole for the CIA.”

Lara: “What? Are you are crazy!”

Stan: “Yes I am. And you would know the extent of my rave when I tell you I know about Operation Stratsky. I bet your new identity couldn’t shield your daughter’s school in Kampala from my eyes.”

Lara: “I swear, if anything happens to my daughter, I’ll come at you ruthlessly. She has nothing to do with my work.”

Stan: (Chuckles) “Oh! I see. Now you agree I know you.”

Lara: “What do you want?”

Stan: “Information.”

Lara: “About what?”

Stan: “Your handlers, sleeper-cells and full details of the impending Operation Bolstin.”

Lara: “You’re clearly out of your mind. I would be executed in the most grievous manner.”

Stan: “Doesn’t seem you have much of a choice…Kampala!? Think of a random news of a missing college student that would mean a lot to you if you don’t tell me.”

Lara: “Assuming I chose to, what do I get in return?”

Stan: “I’ll let you know in due time.”

Lara: “Perfect Blackmail…Perfect!”


…To be continued.


4 thoughts on “Conversation in A Dark Alley (Nominated for the Etisalat Flash Fiction Award November 2016)

    1. Thank you, Emmanuel. In due time the full novel would be out. I am even looking at turning it into a movie script.

      As some people have told me in person it feels like a Hollywood high powered thriller spy-action story. (Wink)

      Currently working on some other projects at the moment.

      I have written a few chapters by the way.


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