See No Stanley, Suck No Stanley!

After some days battle with bouts of Malaria, the belligerent leader of the battalion Major Gen. Sucko, Drainer of a Billion litres of Blood and Wielder of the Iron Proboscis realised just how HOOD I am, as she threw in the towel and her lethal Anopheles Gambiae troops waved all whites at me.

The condition for stopping my onslaught on them with my can of Raid and pills against their Plasmodium Falciparum injected in me was simple. Below is the main point of the treaty as I recover from bodily damages suffered during the war.

“The menacing stares of a million pairs of eyes of the Anopheles looking hard will never realise I am resting or sleeping in my room. Even when I’m out, they dare not look at me or they shall go blind.”

However in my battle experiences with insects as recorded in episodes of ‘The Shadowman Diaries’ (which can be found in my Blog Posts as you scroll down) they are usually the first to break treaties and carry out acts of war on man. But until they do, let me recuperate and ‘kukuma’ enjoy Christmas as I wish you all a Meowy Christmas just like a cat named Grumpy says to me. 😊😂😃😄😅😊