peak book cover

The Peak Activity Book. March 2016 to October 2016. This was a role-playing adventure game and informative activity book done to support the children’s section of the Friesland WAMCO Campina Pecadomo Campaign of 2016.

In this book, fantasy stories for kids, games, puzzles, recipes and characters were created around Peak Milk which is Nigeria’s premium milk brand. This was done in pleasantly immersive ways capable of engaging children for hours as they assumed the role of characters and went on adventures with Peak Milk being their main source of nutrition in and out of the book.

When done with any activity, recipes were made available for them to try out in real life using Peak milk. The aim of the campaign was to show that with Peak Milk, you could actually do more. Thus the name ‘PECADOMO’. An abbreviation of ‘Peak Can Do Mo’.