We’ve Got You Covered PlusWorld Roofing Campaign. June 12, 2017, to January 13, 2018:

Explainer Video POSTER

PlusWorld Roofing which was nominated among the top 25 Nigeria’s most innovative and futuristic companies in Nigeria by Business Day Newspaper Awards of 2016 is the client 78 Designs created the ‘We’ve Got You Covered’ campaign for.


In this campaign of 7 months, we created a strong Explorer brand archetype (personality) for the company given that its products are made for outdoor rugged use and longevity.


The ‘We’ve Got You Covered’ campaign slogan was to let customers interested in industrial roofing, real estate and home roofing needs know that where ever they are, whatever their budget and however their roofing needs may be, PlusWorld Roofing would leave them basking in the satisfaction of a speedy response and tenacious service delivery.


Top-notch Animated Videos, posters, info-graphics and copies were created. Together with a full suite of Google display ads and pop-ups directing people to call ‘Koko the Roofing Expert’, a mascot created for the campaign which the customer care agents took the name in their subsequent communications.

Please see links below for the roofing and realtors videos created for the PlusWorld Group:




As a way of strengthening and reflecting the ideals of the campaign in the form of response customers get when they call or email the company’s customer care, 78 Designs created a handbook and organised a communications training with Koko being the central figure for all roofing needs.


Furthermore, 78 Designs handled the social media pages of PlusWorld Roofing as well as customer enquiries and replies to comments or questions raised. Our efforts led to them being the number one most seen roofing company online with quality content and impressive customer services as seen in Google analytics.


Our work on PlusWorld Roofing can be seen on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages from the dates of June 12, 2017, to January 13, 2018: –

Facebook- Plusworld Roofing

Instagram- PlusworldRoofing234